The village of Cherni Vit is situated in a region of Bulgaria, where you definitely have lots to see.
In this section we offer different activity options while you are our guests.

What can we do nearby and in the surrounding area of Cherni Vit?

Walks in the nature

If you are fond of nature walks, whether short or long, the surrounding area offers many possibilities.

  • You can take a walk near our houses, combining the walk with a picnic by the river or on a meadow in the forest.
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  • You can venture high on the ridges and hills around the village, from where your view can merge with the infinity and enjoy the silence.
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  • You can simply dip your bare feet in the shady pools of the river and relax to the sound of the rapids.
  • You can go on mountain hikes with relatives or friends to peaks emblematic of the Teteven region.
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For more information, ask us on site or write to us in advance.


If you like to cast a fishing rod in your free time, the river Cherni Vit, which runs through the village and on the bank of which our houses are perched, offers an opportunity to enjoy this hobby of yours.


If you like to ride a bike, the Teteven region and in particular the village of Cherni Vit offers such an opportunity.
If you don’t bring your own bike, we can provide you with one. We have six wheels (4 large and two small), including a child’s bicycle seat.

You can find more about the area of our village here

Ask locally for more information on cycling options around the village…there are wonderful neighborhoods that you can also cycle to and walk through.

Walks, near our houses, taking about an hour or two on foot

  • Next to the Neyo Krachunov monument and the Benkovska cave

    The Benkovska cave is part of the tourist route “In the footsteps of Benkovski”, starting from Panagyurishte and tracing the movement of the Hvarkovata Cheta (Flying squad) through Apriltsi, Oborishte, the “Sakardza” hut, the village of Petrich, Pirdop, the village of Mikrovo, the peak of Etropolska baba, the “Strajata” hut , the village of Yamna, the village of Cherni vit, Teteven, and ending at the lob place of Georgi Benkovski – the area of ​​Kostina, the village of Ribaritsa. After a few days’ journey through the Stara Planina, Benkovski’s flying squad reached the land of the village of Cherni Vit and under the Ostrilska cave, after seven days of wandering around the Balkans, the decision was made to disband the squad and save themselves in small groups. After disbanding the group, Benkovski stayed for a short time with Father Kiril, Zahari Stoyanov and Stefo Dalmatinetsa in a cave shown to them by Neyo Krachunov – a resident of the village from Ostrilya hamlet. Later, this cave was named “Benkovska cave”, and a monument was bulid in memory of Neyo Krachunov, who hid the voivode and his Chetniks in the cave and, in order not to betray them when he was captured, threw himself into the waters of the Cherni Vit river. In his honor, every year at the end of May, a reenactment of the events of those times is held at the Neyo Krachunov monument. Flags from Benkovski’s detachment were also found in the area of ​​the cave. Flag No. 9 was kept in the village until recently, and in 2016 it was donated to the National Military History Museum in Sofia. A copy of this flag can also be seen in the Museum in Cherni Vit, which is located in the center of the village. In addition to a copy of the flag No. 9 of Georgi Bnekovski’s Flying squad, the museum also has an ethnographic collection of objects and appliances used in the life of the local population in the 19th century.

The path to the Benkovska Cave starts from the Neyo Krachunov Monument. In front of the monument, on the main road, there is a fountain and a parking space. The path itself starts to the right of the monument, follow the signs and the yellow marking. You cross a bridge and walk along a dirt road that crosses two valleys and you reach a meadow where there is a rest area with a table, benches and a fireplace. You can have a picnic here, as there is a fire pit designed for this purpose, and the nearby valley is a suitable place to cool a beer. You can also just lie down under the shade of the trees and share moments with the children or with friends. The cave itself is reached by a path that continues after the rest area.
It leads to the foot of a rock massif, to the right of which you go to the Thracian fortress of Chertigrad, and to the left, after crossing a valley, you reach the Benkovska Cave. The path is slightly steep and suitable footwear is recommended. Entering the cave is not recommended. You can go back on the same route or continue on the path coming from the cave (without crossing the valley) and you will be back on the dirt road before the rest area.

A walk to the Benkovska cave is pleasant in all seasons, but in winter it is recommended to go there with caution. From our houses, you can also walk to Neyo Krachunov monument in about 20 minutes. As one option is to walk along the asphalt road, and the other along a dirt road parallel to the asphalt road – on the other side of the river. In the middle of the section between our houses and Neyo Krachunov monument, there is also a pedestrian bridge, so you can diversify the walk in different ways.

  • to Plochata peak

    The walk from us to Plochata peak takes about an hour and a half, and maybe more if you indulge in the views that open up from this place or combine it with a walk to Duskot hamlet. The path to get there is not marked, but it is on a dirt road and there is no chance of getting lost. The difference in elevation is about 350 meters, but there are so many nice places for a short rest – the view that floats over the village to the north, nestled below the river, and to the south – the ridge of the Stara Planina looms on the horizon.
    For more information on how to get there from our houses and possible return options, ask us on the spot.

  • Next to the Taraetskia vir and around the monument of Grandfather Neyo (Neyo Krachunov monument) with the possibility for a picnic

    Taraetski vir is a popular place among local residents, especially on hot summer days. In the summer heat, under the shade of the trees and the coolness of alternating rapids and pools along the river, companies gather there to chat over beer, cool off in the river’s pools or simply enjoy nature. The place is easily accessible and also suitable for children. It is located about a kilometer and a half from our houses and you can reach it on foot in about 20 minutes on the main road of the village or on a dirt road parallel to the asphalt road on the other side of the river, which we recommend for the summer heat, as it is more shady.

    It is also possible to reach by car, which can be parked at a fountain located on the main road connecting the village of Cherni Vit and the village of Divchovoto. You can also reach it by bike, riding along the main road and shortly after the fountain (after the hydroelectric plant, which you can’t miss) go down a dirt road that takes you right there. Nearby there are two designated places where you can have a picnic. Don’t forget to clean up after you leave. The place is pleasant for a walk in the other seasons as well.

    For more information on how to get there from our houses and possible return options, ask us on the spot.

  • to the center of the village and back

    A walk that can be combined with a visit to the museum in the center of the village and/or a possible green cheese tasting, which is subject to prior request. You can do the walk both on foot and with bicycles, and you can rent them from us, and we will guide you about the possible options and routes.

  • to hamlets in the village’s area

    In the past, the area of ​​the village was dotted with 22 hamlets, a part of which still exist, albeit with an almost extinguished spirit. They are off the main road but are wonderful places to walk and touch bygone times and chance encounters with the locals. Walking to any of them takes longer. Some of them are accessible by car, others only on foot, some can also be reached by bike. Such hamlets are Elov Dol, Brashlyanitsa, Delievtsi, Stratev Krush, Baiyvitsa.

If you are interested in walking to such places, ask us on the spot to guide you or share with you a walk to such places.

Hikes in the area of the village of Cherni Vit, for which it is good to plan a whole day

  • to Petrahilya peak through hamlet Elov dol hamlet

    The starting point of the path is the turnoff from the main road of the village to the hamlet of Elov dol. You can get there by car, as there is a place to leave the car. The turnoff for the village of Elov dol is on the right of the main road, about one and a half kilometers after the church in the direction of the town of Teteven. to describe the coming from the direction of the city of Teteven – the village of Cherni vit

    After turning off the main road you cross the river and immediately after the bridge there is a widening where you can leave your car. From here you can walk. After the bridge, an asphalt road (about 300 meters) continues, which continues into a dirt (macadan) road. Continue along it and after about 170 meters you pass a turnoff to the left and immediately after it turn left through a slightly steep meadow. From here, the ascent to Petrahilya peak begins, following the signposts and the yellow markings.

    The ascent takes about 2 and a half hours, alternating steeper sections with flat ones. The first ascent leads to Petkova Mogila, followed by Nikolova Mogila, as the section between the two is relatively flat and offers wonderful views of the ridge of Stara Planina.

  • to Chertigrad through Benkovska cave

    The path is part of a tourist route “In the footsteps of Benkovski”. The path starts from the Neyo Krachunov monument. In front of the monument, on the main road, there is a fountain and a parking space. It is good to stock up on water, because there is none on the trail to Chertigrad. The path itself starts to the right of the monument. Cross a bridge and walk along a dirt road to a meadow where there is a rest area with a table and benches. From here you continue along a marked path that leads to the foot of a rock massif, in which there is a rock niche that you can stop by to reach.

    The path to the Benkovska cave is on the right side of the foot of the rock massif (there is a large sign) by crossing the valley and continuing for about ten minutes to the cave itself. Entering the cave is not recommended. To continue to Chertigrad, you return to the path from which you came and take the right, from where the marked path surrounds the rock massif and begins to climb through a beech forest. After about a kilometer, the path passes through a meadow with low shrub vegetation (about 800m), after which, following a marked turnoff to the right, you again pass through a beech forest and reach the Chertigrad shelter. Remains of walls can be seen along a path to the right of the shelter, from where a panoramic view of the Stara planina can be found. About 200m along the path to the right of the shelter, you can reach the top of a rock massif, from which you can also enjoy a wide panoramic view. The return is along the path from which it came. It is also possible to return to the Daskot hamlet of the village of Cherni Vit, along a trail that is yet to be marked.

    You can read more about the fortress itself here ……..

  • to Chertigrad through Duskot hamlet

    The route to Chertigrad through Duskot hamlet starts from a turnoff on the right of the main road passing through the village. The turnoff for Duscot hamlet is about 1.3km from the car park in front of the church in the center of the village and turns right before a bridge. There follows about 1.5 km of asphalt road through the hamlet itself, at the end of which the car can be left. From here, take a dirt road (about 1.3 km) and reach a valley coming from the left side of the road. After crossing the valley, take a path through the forest and follow the yellow markings.

Places you can visit in the city of Teteven and/or the area around the city

The city of Teteven can be reached in about 20 minutes by car from Cherni Vit village. In the city center there is a parking lot in close proximity to the central square, where you can leave your car and walk around the city itself, have a coffee in one of the cafes or eat in one of the restaurants along the city’s pedestrian street.

In the city itself you can visit:

For more information about the places you can visit in and around the city, you can also stop by the Tourist Information Center of the city of Teteven, from where they can provide you with detailed information on matters of interest to you or rent a bike to ride around the city.

Several eco-trails start from the city

Have a look at our suggestions and available places